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SolidNetSupport - Welcome!

What is SolidNetSupport?
SolidNetSupport was created under SolidNetwork, Inc, a local computer company based out in Los Angeles, CA, USA fixing computers for schools and business for Southern California. SolidNetSupport has the background and qualifications in managing your server(s). We strive on installing software and tools that help prevent problems before they occur. We resolve and fix the root of your problem(s) and never perform a patch up job. We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to resolve all your server releated issues. Your satisfaction is our number one priority as why would you order a service you do not like? SolidNetSupport is your choice for Linux,cPanel and Proactive Server Management. We offer a 30 day conditional money back guarantee. If we do not perform any task to your satisfaction we will refund your payment in full, with in the first 30 days of service!

Server Management - Full and Proactive Management!

We offer both Proactive and Fully Management solutions
Most server management companies only offer fully managed solutions - resolving issues when asked to. However SolidNetSupport, offers both Fully Managed solutions and Proactive solutions. Our Proactive solution includes all the standard items as our fully managed offers, but our staff will regularly login to your server(s) and update vital software (Kernel, Security Applications, Control Panel, etc) in addition to daily system log parsing and system monitoring. Our proactive solution will insure your system is running the latest, secure and most stable software and meets a goal of 100% uptime.

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